The Play Package

  • Your class can run and jump in the corn bin, hay, Tipi, and playhouses.
  • Play on the pirate ship.
  • Meet the animals.
  • See how bees make honey.
  • See antique farm equipment.

Feel free to bring your own snack and align the day to your curriculum!

Does Not Include Guided Tour.​ (minimum 20 participants)                                    Chaperones and Teachers are Free                                                                                  Pie Pumpkin & Hayride $6

The Guided Tour Package

  • Learn about the Growing Cycle of a Pumpkin in our demonstration patch.
  • Learn how Farm Animals help us in our everyday lives.
  • Learn about Wild Animals that live on our farm
  • Play in the Tipi, and learn about the Native Americans that lived her before us.
  • Play in our play areas as time permits. (minimum 20 participants)

​Chaperones and Teachers are Free                                                                            Pie Pumpkin & Hayride $7                                                                                            Pie Pumpkin, Hayride & Train Ride $9